Color Clinc

Tattoo artist


Trash / Blackwork / Narben Cover Up

I'm Anna, I'm 20 years old and I live in Leipzig. Where does the name "Hamster" come from? When I grin, I get real hamster cheeks.So my nickname as a tattoo artist has become established.

I was born in beautiful South Thuringia, but my love for the city led me to Leipzig. I've lived here since mid-2016.

I've wanted to get into tattooing since I was 8 years old and went to a convention with my dad for the first time. However, I lacked the right point of reference, the support and, above all, the knowledge.

I have been part of the Color Clinic team since the end of 2016.Initially just a “friend” and now a team member, friend and family member.

My training is tough and often it really makes me desperate ... but only those who fight will achieve the goal. Because standing still means going backwards. The tone is rough, but only through pain can you learn from mistakes and become better.

Tattoo style: Trash / Blackwork / Narben Cover Up

I love the work in our small, chaotic family and here I get the support I need to improve a little every day.