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Adam&Eve – Microblading & Piercing

Heyho people,

My name is Mia and I am 23 years old and come from the beautiful city of Leipzig.
Of course, my crazy way of life must also include a special job.
Being a piercer at the Color Clinic is probably one of the most beautiful things that has happened in my life.

I used to be a hairdresser. This job was not what I was looking for and I couldn't give in to my creative streak as I wanted. That's why I gave up on this job very quickly and reoriented myself. After a short break I found a studio where I could learn how to pierce.

After I wasn't allowed to develop personally there, I looked for new opportunities and found the Clinic. I have been part of the Color Clinic family since May 2020, and I don't want to be without it anymore.

Here I have now arrived in my second home. You can reach me at the Clinic for any piercings.

From the moon everything doesn't look so bad anymore.